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My First Car a Mustang

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I finally found my mustang it might not be much just yet its a 1986 Mustang Lx its a Hatchback and i can almost swear it use to be a manual tranny.. Well the thing i wanted to know was how can i make my car faster better and sound more powerful without making it a V8 engine (it is a 6 cyl 3.8 liter) plus is there a way to make it save more gas? Please help me make this little hatchback sound and feel like a real evil little monster

Victor Sifuentes
Shelby, NC

ol dirty doug:
WELL as far as the sound of it goes, you will not be able to make it sound like a v-8...  a v-8 fires every 180 degrees and that is where it gets its distintive note from, and a v-6 fires every 240 degrees, so it will have its own distintive tone to it.  as far as power, there is a lot, probably the easiest is forced induction if the bottom end is stout and not too worn.  i do not knoe the after market on that motor but head porting is a big hp item as well as big bore or stroker.

well, first off is it carb or fuel injection? if it carb, upgrade to 4 barrel. also go to its a attatchment that you can hook up to your engine and increase your mpg by 5. my dads coworker put it on his truck n loves it. im tempted to put it on my new car more for kicks to make me even go farther on a tank of gas along with it maybe eventually going on the mustang. but also a cheap way to increase power and performance, just stay on top of the routine maintenance. if you get a shop manual. can be purchased at autozone or o'rielly. itll show the maintenance schedule for everything down to the greasing of your car hinges and various rebuilds

ol dirty doug:
yo have you seen the water 4 gas hooked up on the truck???  and it really does work????????   i am going to have to check this out!

i havent seen it in action per say however theres a video i found of a guy that tested it and recorded it all YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. please note that you do have to buy the parts yourself its a manual not the actual kit. but imma get it n put it on my new car first. but the other stuff i mentioned that i know for sure will help. also every 3-6 thousand miles (depending on the brand) dump fuel system cleaner in a full tank thatll help as well. i put the store brand in my mustang n the engine runs much smoother.


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