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My First Car a Mustang

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Oh by the way could anyone tell me a really good site to buy mustang parts and accessories?
need to find some more floor mats and need to buy one or two emblems for my car.

I use virginia classic mustang. They are cheaper than the other companys I've looked at

National Parts depot -1-800-235-3445
CJ Pony Parts-1-800-888-6473
Texas Mustang- 1-800-527-1588
Auto Krafters -1-800-228-7346
Mustangs Unlimited-888-229-2929
Mustangs Plus - 1-800-999-4289
California Mustang1-800-775-0101
Virginia Classic Mustang - 1-540-896-2695

Parts for a 1986 Mustang are going to be difficult to find at the businesses that Glen listed. Those specialized in the 1964 to 1973 years. For Fox bodies (Fox the Ford project name for your body style) you are going to have to use Google advanced and enter "fox" and "parts" in the all these words section and "ford mustang" in the this exact wording or phrase section. Most of the items you will find will be V-8 performance parts as the Fox bodies are heavily used in racing.

Yeah, Jim is right.  The sites I gave you are for mostly vintage parts places.  Maybe you can do some research to find FOX body parts places. 


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