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My First Car a Mustang

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You can't make a V6 sound like a V8.  Forget it.  It's a waste of money to even try.  Drive the V6 like it is, then when you get a college education and make a decent living, get a V8 Mustang. 

Yea I agree with soaring. Leave it as is. You'll spend hundred if not thousands on makin the car a v8. Good luck btw. God be with ya  :)

Thanks for your replies but i will never sell my V-6 because i love the way it is but i just want a lil more power and make sure she wont break down on me on the side of the road..i will take your advice soaring and not try to give it a roar but i'm going to make it sound a little better than it does now somehow...if you guys would like to tell me how to raise the Torque or HP in my car i would be willing to listen. also tips on how to save gas aswell..

Oh and would anyone know how to get pictures from an LG Chocolate touch onto my comp? (if not i'll just take the pics with a camera) i'm trying my best to get pics of my mustang on the site atm..

Thanks for all of your replies and keep em commin  ;D
Victor S.

To get pictures on here, plug in your camera with the pictures on it into your computer and turn it on.  Look at the bottom of this message, and you will see a reply button.  Hit that, write out your message, then hit the "other options" button.  You will then see a psmall elongated window  and hit the browse button.  Choose the picture from your camera that you want to show on here by hitting clicking on the URL for that picture and hit enter.   It will then appear at the bottom of your message when you go back the message after it has been posted.   

well, for one dont let the car idle for long periods. that is one of the biggest contributors to wasting gas. also upgrage your spark plugs to e3. pepboys and i think napa has em. granted its a hit or miss but its new spark plugs. nothing bad really happens with new plugs. switch your oil your tranny and your differential fluids to synthetic.


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