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My First Car a Mustang

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I was stronger at the age of 16 than I am now at age 66.  The only way to learn how to do something, is to do it.  That's how we all leaned.  Your high school isn't going to offer you a class in how to do this, and most likely if they did, they would screw up the lesson.  You have to be adventurous to attack 'these projects, but if you aren't, then take it  to a mechanic.  That's how they make their living. 

some things need power tools. they make an impact wrench that runs on an outlet. and if you need the extra leverage, go to any hardware store and get at piece of metal pipe that will fit snug around the jack.

ol dirty doug:
actually you do nothave any "cooling lines" running to the tranny, you do however have transmission fluid lines running to the radiator to an internal cooler inside of the raditator. 

ok so i was flippin through one of my shop manuals and found that the block has a bolt on each side of it to drain the coolant from the block. would a edlebrock engine have that? or no? if thats the case that may just be easier.

Soaring do you know how to make a 1986 3.8 Liter engine sound like a 5.0 i want a roar in my car instead of a little buzz when i crank it up and drive it around. i know i would have to take off and more than likely replace the exaust pipe. and yes i would like to know how to do this one my own.

By the way everybody wish me luck i'm going to try to get me lisence tomorrow Feb, 23rd sooo wish me luck and thank you all for your replies.


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