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--- Quote from: mustangluver on February 17, 2010, 01:10:27 AM ---I ask cuz after every possible solution outside
of  replacing the whole damn cooling system or draining the block radiator and lines the darn thing still wAnts to overheat. When I flushed the radiator last I could see signs of rust n corrosion floatin around. Not sure if when the block was replaced that all of the old stuff was removed. Could I pull the block have it looked at, flush the radiator n all the cooling lines? Also on a unrelated topic, anyone here ever have their floor replaced? N when I was looking at my carpet I noticed that the current is evidentally glued or something to my original carpet. But that what happens when the interior is done in tiajuana. Apology to anyone that I offended.

--- End quote ---
When you flushed the radiator, did you also flush the block and the heater core?  It's important that you do that to get all that crud out of the system.  If you need to know how to do that, let us know.  As far as replacing your floor pans, that is is a costly and time consuming job.  If your pans are not rusted out, you don't need to replace them, just POR 15 the hell out of them and put in new carpet if your current carpet is bad.

I know how to drain the block n heater core but I don't always have the time do do so. :( unless you know a way of doin it other than lettin it go from block to radiator and then out of the radiator little bit at a time. How long would that take btw? also shouldn't I drain the trannys cooling lines as well? On the floor pans, there were patch jobs done but now the patches are serparating. One shop told me 3k for the whole floor. Also could I get away w doing paint?

As far as flushing the whole system, go get a  "T" at the store and put it in your heater hose.  You will find them in the Anti-freeze section.  They are usually yellow and made by Prestone. Take out the thermostat and put the cap back on.   Hook up the garden hose and turn it on with the hose screwed into that "T"  and with the engine running and the cock opened at the bottom of the radiator.   Turn on the heater full blast.  Don't use any acid or anything but plain water and  when the water runs clear out the cock, you are finished.  Let the system drain, then shut off the cock and add a 50/50 mixture of coolant/water.  You won't need to drain the lines going to the transmission because there isn't very much in there.  Here's a pic of my rad hoses.  I take the "T" out, but you can leave it in and just screw the cap on it that comes with the kit. 

but if i wanted to drain the tranny lines how would i do so?

Just take off the tranny line from the transmission and let it drip with the engine off.   


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