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My First Car a Mustang

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Oh and thank you all for your posts and helping me through with my car ^^

Thats what we are here for to help each other with one anothers cars.  :)

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't colant lines go to the tranny as well?

Yes.  If it is an automatic transmission, you have coolant lines to and from the tranny. 

I ask cuz after every possible solution outside
of  replacing the whole damn cooling system or draining the block radiator and lines the darn thing still wAnts to overheat. When I flushed the radiator last I could see signs of rust n corrosion floatin around. Not sure if when the block was replaced that all of the old stuff was removed. Could I pull the block have it looked at, flush the radiator n all the cooling lines? Also on a unrelated topic, anyone here ever have their floor replaced? N when I was looking at my carpet I noticed that the current is evidentally glued or something to my original carpet. But that what happens when the interior is done in tiajuana. Apology to anyone that I offended.


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