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My First Car a Mustang

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the air wouldnt be coming out the vents. mine has the same issue. is the car overheating? test your coolant first (can be purchased any place antiforeeze is sold).

umm lets see the gauge stays around M (which me and my mom use the) (Normal) thing to point out where the needle is and this is what the gauge looks like                                      C(NORMAL)H
and when we put the heat on (its getting very cold nowadays) if its bad it'll go to "L" and we took it to our mechanic and they changed the thermostat the preston and something else but i'll ask her if we can get someone to look into that.

Thank you for your reply

Whenever you turn on your heater after the car has warmed up, you should be getting heat inside the cabin.  If not, then you have a vacuum hose that has either become disconnected or rotted out and leaking.  This is to assume that the blower motor is actually blowing air from the heater box.  If the engine is heating up, then you have other issues other than the heater issue. 

Have you solved the tranny issues yet? If not i would suggest a few things before spending a lot of money at a tranny shop. Change the filter and fluid as a start. Then check the shifter linkage to make sure it is actually in P R N D etc instead of 1 off. Also check the Neutral Safety Switch to make sure that it isn't out of adjustment or bad. I didn't read the whole heating issue but you might want to try and check the thermostat and see if its bad or not.

The coolant the thermostat the hose going to the thermostat the hose going to the radiator and the radiator itself has been changed thats what my mother says sooooooooooooooooo i'm really not sure... if i can i'll try to take pictures of the car and engine and the silver tube thats hanging out and the car itself so you can get an idea what could possibly be wrong


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