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My First Car a Mustang

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You guys know where i could find a pro tranny checker? and we changed the air filter a few days after i got it.

By the way whats a MAF system?

Massive Air Flow system that Ford put on their engines when they went from carburetor systems.  It is in the air induction system, and needs cleaning every year or so. 

im goin with allstate when it comes time to do mine :) or any other work on her

Hey you guys i'm back with some more problems  :'(  my 86 mustang is in trouble the temp gauge on the car is getting dangerously to HOT but i have a question is the car was really running hot wouldnt hot air be comming out of the vents? just noticed today that my throttle has NOTHING to do with the gauge jumping around is the heat (the heating system) plus the car itself is leaning to the right like the springs are outta wack (we've taken it to a mechanic and all the ever say is because my car is old x.x like that'll help)


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