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I am looking to put a cam in my 95 mustang. Its a 5.0 that has .40 over pistons (not a stroker). I want to know what the best cam would be that would give me a nice thumping sound but would not have to change the pistons ( notching them ). I have 85 gt head with a 3 angle valve job and new valves and guides with screw in studs and new springs. ANY IDEAS

Go to comp cams and ask them that question.

ol dirty doug:
the main question is...... what kind of driving do you mostly do..... like are you a stop light to stop light quarter mile guy like my self, or do you want a car with a smooth idle that is suited for highway driving, or do you just "drive miss daisy" around???  that will dictate the lobe seperation and lift and durration.  also are you converting to a roller or staying flat tappet?  and do you have valve reliefs cut or cast into the pistons?

I just have plain jane pistons in it right now. no notches. I will be the stop light to stop light type of guy just want it to sound mean sitting still at the light and still have the balls on the track.

ol dirty doug:
this is the cam that will probablly work best for what you have COMP CAMS Xtreme Energy™, XE270HR.


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