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2009 East Coast S197 Mustang Shootout



2009 East Coast S197 Mustang Shootout


Five Guys Racing is pleased to announce the First Annual East Coast S197 Mustang Shootout at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, North Carolina, on Sunday, November 1, 2009. “The Rock” provides a centrally located, easily accessed facility on the Eastern seaboard complete with concessons, sponsor space, and nearby hotels.

The event was originally intended to focus on the 4.0L and 4.6L naturally aspirated S197's with six index, side-by-side race classes. However, due to popular demand the forced induction crowd is invited to participate in six additional classes for added excitement. The facility will manage a Sportsman ladder, and racers will face a .5 Pro Tree, half second indexes, and no breakout rules in effect. The overall emphasis is on street cars you can live with and drive every day, so all cars must be tagged and registered, and cannot be gutted. Winners in each class will receive trophies. Other awards are also being developed for items such as "best 60 foot", "Best R/T", "longest road trip to the event", etc.

The following classes have been developed:

Grudge Matches!
Concerned about get eliminated early on? Don't be. Instead, please join some of the well known S197 racecar drivers and our other special guests in the non-award category. Call out a buddy (or a nemesis) for some straight-up heads up racing action. No one to call out? Just keep making "time trial" passes as if you are at a private rental. Everyone will have plenty of opportunity to race all day!

Grudge Matches and Test and Tune is Open to All Ford Powered Vehicles.
NA Classes

Street Sleeper- 14.000 and slower (4.0L Cars Only)
Pure Street- 13.999 - 13.500
Street- 13.499 - 13.000
Modified Street- 12.999 - 12.500 
Super Street- 12.499 - 12.000
Street Eliminator- 11.999 and faster

Power Adder Classes

Street Renegade- 12.500 and slower
Street Hoodlum- 12.499 - 12.000
Street Sheriff- 11.999 - 11.500
Street Bandit- 11.499 - 11.000
Wild Street- 10.999 - 10.500
Street Outlaw- 10.499 and faster

Event rules, current class descriptions and as well as full registration information can be found on our website using the "Event Detail" navagation button or visiting our forum. Check back periodically as further information regarding entry fees, driver’s meeting, lodging and other items will be become available.

Send email to the announcement poster or .

October 31, Halloween Party
Kids Costume party, Candy, prizes ect.

VISIT for More Information

We need a head count, Please put your name on the list. We have alot of things to order and without an accurate count we could be wasting our money of run short on items, so please help us out if you plan on attending

S197 Shootout Registration

New! Prizes were added .
Fore Precision Works Fuel Rails

Hey everyone, I wanted to touch base with you, just to clear a few things up. There has been some confusion over who is invited to come and play at this event. It is true that this event is focused on the “street driven” naturally aspirated 2005+ S197 Mustangs. Although this event only has trophy classes for 2005 and up Mustangs (NA and FI), this event is open to all Ford vehicles with a Ford power plant.

For any non-S197 vehicles or full blown race cars, you will be able to run Grudge Matches against your buddy (or nemesis) or run open time trials (like a rental or test & tune) between competitive runs.

I hope this helps clear things up, I apologize for the confusion. I hope to see you all at the track.

We need a head count,  please help us out if you plan on attending register here
S197 Shootout Registration

Thanks Again!

Hey everyone, just a quick heads-up... The Street Jam Racing Series “2009 East Coast S197 Shootout” host by Five Guys Racing is just 3 weeks away!

If you haven't registered yet, check out the registration thread listed below.

If you would like to pre-pay as well, this will help you save a few dollars and get you all of your paperwork prior to the event. You can pre-pay at the link below.

We are really excited! This event will be incredible. Between our awesome sponsors, Mustang Enthusiast Magazine, and our friends at 1320 photography, we are going to have the track all day and have a lot of fun.

Don't forget, this is going to be the ONLY event we have that is non-points based. Keep an eye on our site after this event and through the winter months, as we will be announcing or event line-up for next year to include the venues, the points system, series registration information, and the all important Heads-up Racing Classes and rules.

Unlike 2009, all 2010 events will be based on vehicle modification classes and true, full blown, first guy across the line wins, heads-up racing. However, something that will not change is our dedication to you, the people and the cars. This series will continue to be operated at a zero profit margin and focus on "Street Driven" cars for the average Joe.

We are doing this for you, and we can't do it without you. So, check us out on-line, and see you November 1st at Rockingham Dragway!



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