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Shelby Cobra replica - Mustang Engine - PCM configuration help



I work in a locksmith specialized with eletronic for cars in Brazil,
So, Iīm trying to solve a car problem, and I hope some help, please.:)

The car is a Shelby Cobra replica 4.6l
Mustang engine V8 - Automatic transmission
Pats external system

PCM informations: PTP2  -- DP9SA

So, I need some help about how to do the necessary configurations for a PCM (that has never

beem programmed before) to be recognized for the car, using the equipament Ford Rotunda NGS.
This equipament displays informations to be configured and I donīt know exactly the values to do


Informations displayed to be configured:

level power
emission level
transmission type
air conditioning

And it has 48 configuration options to choose, and i donīt know which are the correct to finaly this

car works...

Could someone help me with some information?

P.S: The keys are already programmed on the External Pats, but the 'pats light' keeps blinking, that

seems to mean that the PCM is not correctly programmed.



Software designer

what are configurations specs?


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