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RMOSS update of 67 Shelby


Ray Moss:
Well with just about a month to show time in Sacramento, for the Autorama, I have decided to change the brake system a little by adding drilled, and slotted rotors to add a little more flair to the car.  We did a photo shoot a few weeks ago with my car, and a car (Convertable) Stangaholics did for a Pro Football player.  will post a few photos from the shoot.

Hope everyone enjoys :lol:

Jerry Baker:
Love them.  The photo shoot went great I think.

I agree with Godfather. I love the Mustangs and the photos and will never get tired looking at your Shelby.

Thank you Rmoss, wonderfull pictures, great car.

Ray Moss:
Well the show is over, and the work is done for the time being, until the next one.

If you were wondering "YEAH BABY"!!!!!!!!!!!!

At my first invitation only show, 1st place in my class of "Mild modified"  I can't believ it.  Thank you to all for the past replies, and supprot it makes a guy feel good.

Thanks again


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