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Hello when i was in high school many moons ago lol. i owned a 1966 GT350 H and it was a Hill Climb car that raced in the Hershey , Pa. Hill Climbs. i had an chace to buy the car and so i did. it had a semi full roll cage. just what i needed for being in high school and a daily driver. kool. anyway after finishing high school i was working and i got a letter from everybodys Uncle Sam and i was drafted (yes drafted) into the Army. that was in 1972 to 1974. i was sent to Germany and kept the car in Hershey and my brother tried to selll it in Va. for me and no luck. so i got out of the Army but was married in Germany and we came home and i still had the car. but sold it like a fool. but we all live and learn. i know kick myself. well after 2 marriages and buying  a 98 Mustang Gt after waiting 30 years to buy another Mustang i joined the Mustang Club of Maryland in 1999. went i met my 3rd wife she owned a Z28 and we sold that and kept my Mustang. i was nomated to the position of the VP of our club. and was tyhe VP for 5 years. but in that time frame my wife was going thru an intersection and some lady pulled in front of her my wife broadsided her and total both cars. my wife just finished her surgery on her left knee and last March she had surgery on her right knee as a result of the accident. so now after her thearphy is done we can go to settlement and hopefully get a new Mustang. her goal is a Grabber Orange California Special convert. and the moral of the story back to my GT 350 H the Presdent of our club we think has found my car in Wisconian in vintage racing. kool. i'm trying to find the owner. Some horses never die. sorry this was so long. Thanks  Dan Heagy,  

 I envy you for having known the days where great muscle cars were affordable but I guess it must be painful to have owned a Shelby GT350H and not being able to buy it back even if you find it. Do you know in what condition it is?
 Feel free to advertise your club in the regional section. Maybe some readers from Maryland will join it or come to your shows. By the way, the address of your club website is not spelled right in your profile. It says Mustangclug... instead of Mustangclub...

Hello thanks . not sure of the condition of the car. still not sure where it is. thanks for the club info. will fix. Dan Heagy


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