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My not yet complete 67 Shelby

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Ray Moss:
Looking for Female modles to pose when completed :lol:

Ray Moss:
Motor under construction. Dynoed at 509 HP, and 412 fp torque.  302 stroked to 347. :lol:

Man what a great looking car

Very impressing. Is it a real Shelby or a clone?
Can you send it to me in Canada for a few weeks? I can ask my wife if she wants to pose next to it  :lol:

Ray Moss:
Thank you for all the great comments.  Sorry to say it's a clone, but I was wanting a Shellby look with a custom edge.  It's still got a few step before I'll call it completed.  Sound sys, and alarm were installed today.  As far as sending it to Canada, I'd REALLY have to send it cause i'd never be able to afford the fuel  :-D

Thanks again!


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