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My not yet complete 67 Shelby

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There is nothing wrong about clone Shelbys and whatever how good the modifications are done, I don't think it would be a great idea to modify a real Shelby. Your car is beautifull, let me know when you can send it to me lol

Ray Moss:
Thanks for the encouragement.  It's been a nerve racking time the last month.  Just making sure it all comes together.  A few odds, and ends to take care of this week, and off to it's first show in Monrovia, California on the 30th of this month.  Got hold of a bogus Alternator, and am replacing, also bad fuel regulator.  So this weekend is busy, then time to start detailing top to bottom.  Will post more current photos soon.  This is my first Stang, from ground up.  The only items not replace durring the process were the original metal. and the blower motor for the heater, otherwise EVERY nut, bolt, and screw were replaced, and if seen replaced with polished Stainless Steel.

Thanks again,

Ray :-D

Pic. is of Billit bullet proof parts for the Torque Convertor

Jerry Baker:
Man that upsets me I want it and cant have one.  LOL man I think she is sweet.  if you bring it to kentucky I will find you some good looking girls to stand with it.

Damn good looking car.

Ray Moss:
Thanks "GF" it's been a long 3 years of work to get it where it is now.  Here are a few photos of the completed motor, and interior.

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Ray Moss:
From what you can see is my project worthy of the site? :-)


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