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My not yet complete 67 Shelby

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Ray Moss:
First of all Thank you for the kind words. It is appreciated VERY much after pouring your heart into a project like this, and not knowing what reactions you'll get.

On suspension:
A Heidt's Mustang 2 front end was used with chrome coil over shocks, and chrome springs, Completely adjustable. A good friend of mine has a Mustang Restoration Shop (, and is a dealer, so that helped out greatly. Rear suspension is stock, with new springs, and shocks.

The basic's are (I'm putting together a detailed list with all specs) 302 cid, Full Stroker to 347 cid. 9to1 compression, Demon 850 carb. Earl's Braided lines w/ Aluminum Anodized fittings.

Ford C4 rebuilt, and beefed up. Torque convertor by ITC torque convertors, as you can tell by the photo posted earlire it wont have a problem "Ballooning" under full throttle.

Hooker headers. Pipes were done by "Newberry's in Visalia, California. We were able to incorporated electric "cut-outs" in the exhaust just past the headers, so everyonre else could enjoy hearing the motor as well. I have a small, but "Cheesey" video with sound that i'll post.

Won't take any more of everyone's time boring with other details, until later

Jerry Baker:
Im with the boss its by far the sweetes stang to be posted on the site.  Hell maybe you will let me park mine behind yours some time.

I hope I don't dream of her tonight the wife and the mach may get pissed at me.

Ray Moss:
How about a pair of ladies?  Blue belongs to a friend of mine who has a Mustang restoration shop.  It's a 67 347 stroker with a supercharger.

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Ray Moss:
Just a brief update.

Hello to all, and thanks again for all the great comments.

I just found out that the mustang was accepted to go to the Sacramento Autorama in February 2007.  I was worried because it's by invitation only.  Now the work begins, alot of cleaning to do after driver her around for the past few months.  I can say though that it has been real fun. 0 to 105 mph in 100 feet, not bad, for a first time ground up restomod.

See you all later


Thanks for keeping us updated. I am in contact with someone in Europe looking for a place to have an Eleanor clone or pro touring classic Mustang built for him.
Stang Aholics seems to be a very serious place seeing what they did to your Mustang.


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