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My not yet complete 67 Shelby

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Ray Moss:
Updated pics of the profile now completed. :lol:

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Ray,what a beauty how long have u had it.

Ray Moss:
I've had the car a little over 3 years.  I drove it a bit before starting the transformation.  It was stock blue when it started.  Then it went on to be a complete tear down.  Only things not replace were the heater blower motor, and wire harness.  Any bolt on top side that can be seen, was replaced with polished stainless, and complete drive train, power plant, paint/body work, interior reworked.  Thanks for the compliments, it's much appreciated.


--- Code: ---From what you can see is my project worthy of the site?
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This is for me the hottest Mustang ever submited here. I love the lowered look given by the suspensions. Can you tell more about the modifications made to the car?

man ,what a car one of nicest i ever seen.


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