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Jerry Baker:
Ok everyone I got to site in my first Shelby and then the owner gave me the keys so I took my 13 old son and my Clubs VP and we took this Shelby with less then 400 mile on it for a ride.

I think my son said it best and I quote
" This is so freaking awsome "

and it was I knew they had power and all but you have to drive them to understand how well done it all is in this package.

I wish everyone a chance to drive one.

Wahouuu ! What a chance ! No pictures ?

Jerry Baker:
ok photos

I didn't get to drive the Black one but the wife did get to ride in it.

You are a lucky man but it seems your wife has been luckier as the black one looks like a Shelby GT500 and the one you had a more modest Shelby GT. :-D
I doubt you tested the limits of the performance abilities of the cars but what is your opinion on the differences between a regular Mustang and a Shelby on noise, comfort and handling?

Jerry Baker:
Im going to say that the GT 500 had alot more power.  They sounded about the same and the comfort was the same.

Handling Im not sure I'm going to say same but the Shelby GT did come from the Veges plant owned by Mr Shelby

The Shelby GT was bought for about 45,000
the GT 500 was bought for 55,000

I still want the 500


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