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2007 Shelby GT 500


Give your opinion about the 2007 Shelby GT 500.
The article can be seen here:
New Shelby GT500

I wonder what the price tag will be for it? love the sound on the exhuast. I still wish they would put the gas cap in the rear.

Jerry Baker:
YA the gas cap needs to be a flip down like the 69 mach.  As for price tag I worked for a chevy dealership as a sales man and no matter what the sticker is, it will be more ( well thats how chevy did it ) claimed they were hard to get and junk like that so they would beef the price up 10 to 20 grand on hard to get cars and trucks.

I called a dealership near where I live, they said that Ford is going to put the price on the Shelby at around 40,000. But the dealership said that other dealerships around the country will only get a few, and every one wants one. He said that he could see them going for at 100,000 because so many people are willing to pay that.


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