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Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: Exhaust Manifold Installation
« Last post by Topless_Horse on September 16, 2015, 06:53:00 AM »
Normally you only use one type of the exhaust gaskets - either the donut or the flat flange type.  When using the donut gasket, the distance between the flanges depends on the donut design.

There should be torque values in your shop manual (I'm too lazy to get up and get mine to look them up:-)
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: will new carb and intake help or be a waste?
« Last post by Topless_Horse on September 16, 2015, 06:49:11 AM »
You will probably see a small gain.  It's all about getting air in and out of the engine efficiently.  Carb, heads, cam and exhaust are the main players
Classic Mustang Technical forum / will new carb and intake help or be a waste?
« Last post by alleycat on September 12, 2015, 11:07:41 AM »
if I replace my 2V carb with a 4v and new intake, will I see any benefit without changing the heads?   I'm running 1970 factory 351W heads on a 351W.   eventually I would like to replace the heads and cam; but I am trying to pace myself for time and money reasons
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Exhaust Manifold Installation
« Last post by Dani on September 05, 2015, 10:40:06 PM »
I know this may be a silly question, but I'd rather ask it than be sorry later!  After looking on here and the net for 2+ hours, I've given in...

So I'm installing new old stock cast exhaust manifolds on my 289 V8,  with transverse single muffler and need some guidance on the manifold to down pipe connection.

I've read where its better to use the metal donut instead of the cintered as it holds up better. Went ahead and ordered a set but unsure as to whether or not I need to use the flat gaskets with them??  As an example, the Fel Pro MS90000 set comes with 3 pairs of gaskets, manifold/intake and the other 2 sets are the pipe flange gaskets and exhaust manifold to pipe gaskets.

Can someone tell me the optimum set up and sequence and if both are needed?  Torque setting?  I'd also like to know the acceptable distance between the down pipe flange and the end of the manifold, I've got them both on but not tightened, but it just doesnt look right. The (flat) pipe flange gasket seems to want to hold the donut gasket from seating well. I have it set up this way-  manifold-donut-flat gasket- connector pipe-flange.

Thanks for your help!
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: 64 1/2 Running Hot
« Last post by Dani on August 22, 2015, 01:30:48 PM »
Thank you for your input and of course I accept the fact this hobby is a constant for care and maintenance. I just don't feel that replacing exhaust manifolds every 3-4000 miles is normal...

I'll add antifreeze to the list of tasks!
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: 64 1/2 Running Hot
« Last post by Topless_Horse on August 22, 2015, 08:33:54 AM »
The rule of thumb for coolant is to change it every 2 or 3 years, regardless of mileage, unless you are using the "extended life" coolant.  The reason is the additives in the coolant are working regardless of whether the car is driven and those are what degrades.

I guess I'm not sure whether your "running hot" is really an issue.  If there is no coolant coming out the radiator cap when the car is running then it's fine.  The temperature gauge is more of an indicator than it is a accurate measure of temperature.

As far as the pink wire, you don't need it if the coil you are running is rated for a full 12V.  If the literature for the coil does not explicitly say it functions with a full 12V then it probably needs some sort of ballast resistance in series with the positive side.  The pink wire was plugged in series between the ignition switch and the coil.  You can buy ballast resistors for coils at your local auto parts store.  They all do pretty much the same thing.  You can check the voltage at the + terminal of the coil when the car is running - if it reads close to 12V then there is no pink wire or ballast.  If the voltage is closer to 9V then there is a pink wire or ballast.

Lastly, about your statement "...I don't want to keep doing the major things over and over.".  My experience is that if you keep the car long enough you will be replacing/redoing things that you did previously, especially so if the car has been modified.  It's part of the hobby and something anyone who owns an old car has to deal with.
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: 64 1/2 Running Hot
« Last post by Dani on August 21, 2015, 03:43:00 PM »
Thanks for the tip on the timing, I was concerned about that and the possible negative pressure from exhaust. I check all the fluid levels, each time, before I leave the garage.  The coolant mix had looked good, bright and strong. Hoses all look good, no leaks, no collapsing under heat. Its been a while since I've changed coolant however, it only gets a max average of 500 miles it on it a year.  A new timing light should arrive tomorrow.  (I also have an aftermarket coolant overflow reservoir installed, if that matters) Is there an "expiration date" on coolant? (well- for occasional vehicles like this) If I do a flush should it be a complete system flush, including heater core? Or 2 separate flushes...

It's never had a fan shroud, and I do plan on replacing the thermostat and rad cap again along with a new muffler.  Oh btw, since my last post, Ive found a cracked exhaust manifold that must have happened during this 2 wk time frame.

Another thing Ive checked when changing the coil last week- after starting my detective work (it was way too hot), there's no heavy gauge or thermal wrapped (pink) resistance wire. There isn't a resistor block either, I'm wondering if when it was changed from the I6 to  the 289 v8 (1966 engine and parts) that the previous owner skipped/forgot this.  I'm almost positive it had originally had a generator, build date 8/13/66 of course now it has an alternator.  Would there even be a place for a connection in the under dash harness?

I don't mind replacing/upgrading parts needed, (yes me, all by my lonesome) but I don't want to keep doing the major things over and over. I replaced the exhaust manifolds in 2008 due to a crack...about 3400 miles ago, but then it wasn't running hot- like this.

Thank you for your reply post and if you have more thoughts or advice, please let me know.
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: 64 1/2 Running Hot
« Last post by Topless_Horse on August 19, 2015, 07:08:35 AM »
Timing can cause the engine to run hotter.  How long has it been since you changed or checked your coolant, thermostat and radiator hoses?  Do you have a fan shroud to help more air go through the radiator when the car is stopped or at low speeds?
Classic Mustang Technical forum / 64 1/2 Running Hot
« Last post by Dani on August 17, 2015, 05:41:29 PM »
Hi All- I'm a previous member that couldn't regain access to my old account. Usually I lurk and learn but now I'm needing some advice. :-[

My 64 1/2 has been running hot for the last couple of drives. Even though the car has run "warm" for most of the 15 yrs I've owned her, this "hot flash" thing of late is getting out of control, last wk she stalled at a light while at the NSRA show. After 20 min it cooled some and, I was able to get it started again. Once on the open road, the air flow was plenty to bring it back to a normal temp and it ran great.

So this suggests that for some reason its now staying very hot under the hood...even though I've not changed anything major in the last 3-4 years.

The one thing I've had time to check is for coolant in the oil and it appears clear and there's been no rad issues & hoses all seem good.

I know this could be the beginning of a long slippery slope and need to check several other things before I make a plan but...have a cple of questions to ask of you to help me brainstorm the cause.

Q1. Would a possible blown muffler baffle be enough to cause it to run hot while idling or in stop/go traffic?

Q2. Could timing thats off make it run that hot?

Thanks for your input!

Rebuilt from I6 man, to 289 V8, auto, 2bbl autolite 2100

Mustang Discussions / Re: 84ish mustang power master cyl prob
« Last post by jrdplowing on August 14, 2015, 08:58:43 AM »
sounds good, thanks
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