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Mustang Discussions / Determine Build Date of my 65 Mustang 5F08A67321
« Last post by cwidrig on October 08, 2016, 12:48:09 AM »

Thanks, Clyde
Classic Mustang Technical forum / My timing keeps chaning on its own
« Last post by Kathy H on October 03, 2016, 12:55:54 AM »
My 17 year old daughter has a 1971 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland (M).  The engine is stock, we recently did a head gasket, a new intake manifold with Edellbrock,  a new Edellbrock 4 barrel performer carb. The Carb and timing were all set correctly and running beautifully.  Within 2 weeks the timing adjusted itself back out of time. Running really rich, as time has gone by, we re-set the timing and ran wonderful for 2 days and went back to running bad. Its behavior is described as "when on a roller coaster going up hill, click click click, with no acceleration, top speed 20mph).  Yesterday it over heated but this is likely not related.  What should we be looking at?
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Re: Stock 68 convertible
« Last post by Topless_Horse on September 11, 2016, 07:26:37 AM »
You may be able to get your 289 rebuilt.  It really depends on how many times it's been rebuilt before.  Generally you don't want to go past .030 overbore.

Any 302 or 351 will be a direct bolt in.  The 351 will require swap headers and possibly some other minor tweaking to fit but will go right in and use the 289 mounts.  Later 302's had a different balance so you will need to change the flexplate if you use one.

As far as fuel injection, it's up to you.  They can be hard to get working but tend to yield good mileage and performance when set up correctly.  The mass airflow method is the most flexible as far as engine mods but the throttle body is the simplest and also works well.
What thermostat do you have installed?

Generally speaking, engines are more efficient when warmer.  Also generally speaking, if you are not seeing coolant puking out of the radiator overflow, you have nothing to worry about.
Classic Mustang Technical forum / Stock 68 convertible
« Last post by 68convertibledave on September 03, 2016, 05:13:29 AM »
Hi All

This my first post so bare with me, I have a 68 convertible with a 289 with C4 auto and probably have more money than either knowledge or sense for that matter and I'm looking at upgrading or updating the engine. I don't want to just transplant a brand new 2016 engine as I like tinkering with the old engines and even enjoy repairing the odd oil leak so my questions are.
1. What would be the easiest engine swap 302 306 347 351 etc etc
2. Is one of the engines above better than another (apart from obvious)
3. Could I rebuild modify my 289 to be as good as a 302 351
4. Should I stick with carbi or go EFI

Thanks in advance
Mustang Discussions / Mustang Art Prints
« Last post by venomxr on August 31, 2016, 04:16:47 AM »
Hi guys,
I don't own a Mustang but I do love drawing them, so I thought it would be a great idea to put some colour in this forum and showcase my artwork. All of my designs are vectored and then drawn on a computer usually taking over 100 hours to complete one design. Please feel free to visit us on our facebook page or visit our website at Thanks and enjoy

First things first. I'm a new Mustang owner- this is my first Ford actually.  I've been a GM guy up to now but I have always wanted a Mustang. I have just finished a two year project building this car.

Okay; so here is my situation.  The car has a freshly built 302 with a Comp. XE246H cam and 4 bbl carb., I'm using the stock radiator (original engine was a 289) that has been boiled out and checked for leaks. I have an Autometer direct read gauge and have tested its accuracy with hot water and a cooking thermometer up to 212 of course and it is quite accurate.  I've also checked the engine at various places with an IR temp. gun so I'm confident that I am reading accurate temperatures. The timing is dead on at 6 BTDC and the carb is dialed in correctly.

The temperature runs a steady 215-220, maybe 225 degrees when fully warmed up.  That seems like it is too high but I really can't see where I can lower it any without a new radiator or high flow water pump- or do I need to do anything?  I'd like to see temp.'s down around 190-200 degrees but not sure how to get there.  I've talked to several Mustang owners and some mechanics that say that most all Early Mustangs run a bit hot due to marginal radiator size and design.

So what is the concensus here? Do I have a problem or am I just worrying about nothing?  What are folks here seeing for V-8 operating temperatures?
Your Mustangs / New member from Washington state
« Last post by sixfifty on August 21, 2016, 12:05:23 PM »
Howdy, I just joined the forum; I have a 1966 coupe that I have spent the last two years rebuilding.
Originally, the car was a 289 2bbl., C4 car with drum brakes, power steering, and air conditioning. When I got it, it had been changed a bit- (the former (original) owner had used it for amateur/outlaw road racing in SoCal in the Seventies and early Eighties) it had a 302 with a crazy high lift long duration Crane cam, Holley 600 cfm 4 bbl. carb on a single plane Edelbrock Torker manifold, 289 heads ported and polished, headers, 4 speed transmission. It has non power front disc brakes, power steering has been removed, A/C has been removed.

The body work over the last two years has included:new left rear corner, right rear quarter panel, drivers door skin, pass. side front fender, and a patch on the rear of the drivers frt. fender.  I topped it with Chrome Yellow paint with White racing stripes and GT stripes on rocker panels. Interior is a CJ Pony Parchment standard kit.

Engine has been replaced with rebuilt 302 with the old Holley 600 rebuilt and sitting on a Edelbrock dual plane manifold, Competition cam Xe246H cam, stock exh. manifolds. A new clutch and a Borgeson power steering conversion kit finished up the drivetrain.
Cragar SS 15" wheels puts rubber on the road; I'm happy as hell with the result, this car is great!!
Your Mustangs / Ford Mustang Registry Approved by Ford
« Last post by Ford Mustang Registry on August 16, 2016, 08:19:40 PM »
Greetings to the Mustang V8 Owners!

I am creating this topic on behalf of the Ford Mustang Registry, which is part of the non-profit SaveAWildMustang project and is officially authorized by the Ford Motor Company.

The goal and purpose of the Ford Mustang Registry is to create an historical ownership record for your Mustang for posterity.  There are several Mustang registries to choose from when registering and we hope that you'll take the time to join the registry and supporting saving America's Wild Mustangs in the process.

You love the Mustang, now please help save the symbol of freedom behind it.

Thank you from the Ford Mustang Registry.
5.0 Mustang technical forum / Re: starting trouble when hot
« Last post by LiLdIvE88 on August 11, 2016, 05:29:35 PM »
I had the exact same issue with my '91 LX convertible. I ended up chasing the entire fuel system until I found a bad Fuel Pump itself. I'm also having Fuel Pressure Regulator issues at the moment, but the car has no problems starting or running, cold or at Temp. Try this, and if it still has the issue, let me know.
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