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Street racing is nothing more than just dumb.  Take it to the track. 

agreed i was just on youtube and thought that it was a pretty bad ass ride and i wanna try to be as active as possible on the site :D

We appreciate your activity on this site.  There are several tracks around the nation who are active in promoting racing, but I just think street racing is totally dumb, and can get folks killed.  Obviously, my love of the Mustang is for the classic reasons, but I do understand the pull from the seat of the pants from the shear power they can produce.  Just take it to the track where all the safety features are intact.  I take my 03 Mach1 out on the country roads around here from time to time and open it up for that seat of the pants thrill, but not for a mile or two.  The roads around here are too crooked to get it up too fast. 

Gee uncle Glen, you're no fun. Streets are there for something other than commuters.


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