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Compilation of videos edited by an imports enthusiast. Do Mustangs really suck compared to four banger imports?
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I tell ya, after hearing the first 5 minutes of the music, I thought who cares about what the video is about...  The music sucks, retard lyrics....a tommy gun.....What????  Have you ever talked to some of these guys that listen to this type of rap......It hurts their brain to make a coherent sentence.  Retard.....comes to mind.  Tommy guns are not cheap, and when the only job you can get is at Walmart good luck on purchasing one!    HAHA!!

 The reason import guys come down so hard on mustang guys they have been spanked so much at the track, street, whatever.  When an import actually beats a mustang they jump up in the air and yell above anyone else...ya baby! ???  I am thinking, who cares? Imports do not even get a second look mustangs do, imports are mostly gas savers, slow and have to be built out the ying yang to get it out of the hole

Have you ever been to a car show and see imports? I have, like one, two or three, and people kinda laugh and walk on.  My wife doesn't even think an import can be a sport car, so that tells you what "some" women think.  She thinks my cobra is the fastest thing on the planet.

Well, import guys.  Notice there are know video shoots of imports peeling out and crashing.  Is it because they cannot peel out?  HAHA!! ;D


 I have seen imports making over 800hp but how long do their engine last? They probably have to rebuild their motor after every run :D Imports looked good in the "Fats and Furious" movies but they had to use many special effects. Have you seen how ridiculous they look with fat tires on the front and skinny ones on the back?
 I am glad this video finally made one reaction after... 3 months  ;D

HAHA!!  I love imports.  I have two, they get good gas mileage, and the are so dependable.  Race them....nah....Fast & furious woke the import boys up.  Seriously though, every car show I have been to in TN, they are not that popular.  They sound like crap.  I seen this video were a import was winning against a ls1.  The import sounded like crap, look like a yugo on crack, skinny little tires.  Even the lsq losing look cool. 

That is it!  When you can lose a race and still look awesome doing it.  You have got a awesome sports car! ;)


What's "Bulid?"  Yeah... I own a Mustang AND I can spell too!


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