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Hi everyone, I'm new here!  I recently aquired a 351c ,the block sat in a garage for 13 years in the corner where the roof was leaking a bit.
i had the block tested along with the heads,block was good heads were scrap,steam test revealed cracks
in the spring seats.
I sent the block off to get completey machined from a to z they bored 40 over with torque plated and installed brand new SRP forged pistons, replaced the 4 bolts main bolts with ARP along with the rod bolts.
With 64cc heads they caculated the compression to be 10.8.1.
What i would like to know is opinions on the overall hp and torque.

-359 CI Cleveland 4 bolt block
-SRP Forged flat top pistons
-Crankshaft is forged
-Double Roller timing chain
-Comp Cams Solid mechanical camshaft 236/236---570/570
-SP4V AFD Aluminum Heads CNC 64CC
-Scorpion Roller Rockers 1.7
-Meilling stock replacement oil pump
-Clevite 77-H  Bearings
-Moroso 6 Qt Oil Pan with windage tray
-Edlebrock Torker 2 4v intake
-1-3/4 long tube headers
-Quick Fuel 750 Carb
-MSD  Distributor and Coil
-March 4-3/4 Crank Pulley
-Black Magic 3300 cfm Electric fan
-Aluminum High Flow water pump

Thanks i would love to hear what people think and there estimates.....APRIL 3RD IS THE DAY AT THE DYNO

ol dirty doug:
Well this is just an "educated guess" but i think you will be looking to see about 375hp and 395torque at the crank. take off 10-15% at the wheels.   again this is only a guess (but an educated one).  good luck.

Is there any truth to desktop dyno, a friend owns a speed shop and he ran all the head flw, cam specs  minus the lash,caculated gasket thickness and mesured my piston to deck,etc   
his desktop dyno gave out numbers like 512 hp and 486 torque, i was hoping it would be somewhere in that ball park.  :(

ol dirty doug:
well i have not had any luck with them but i do not know all the ins and outs of it. if your guy knows hhis shit i would feel pretty confident that his guess will be close.

The only real way to know is to get it installed in the car and take it to a real dyno shop.  You are most likely looking at around 400 HP though,  Not bad. 


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