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Being that I live in New York and are always looking to meet up with other Mustang drivers, I wanted to let everybody know about this great club called New York Mustangs.

You can post and view upcoming shows, cruises, races, etc. our interactive map system makes it easy to keep current and find information / directions to events, there's a forum with a bunch of knowledgeable and good people, you can buy and sell parts, you get membership discounts at different places, and much more. You will never be out of touch with Mustang drivers or shows and events near you. There are already plans for this coming season to rent out tracks, go to Carlisle and other shows, cruises, cook outs, and much more.

If you already belong to a Mustang club in New York, your entire club should join and have your own section on the forum, and receive all the same benefits as everybody else. The more Mustang drivers united in the state, the better!

If you live in NY, you should definitely's 100% free at all times.


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