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1971 mach 1 engine question ???

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Hi everyone !

I just finally bought my dream car. Been looking around for years. It's a matching nb's 1971 mach 1 fastback with a 351 cleveland 2 bolt, auto tranny. I'd like to get a bigger engine and a stick. I need some guidance. It's a project car so I can go any direction...
What do you recommend ????

ol dirty doug:
you can do alot with that engine but it is expensive, i would build a windsor stroker.

Why change the engine and transmission in a matching numbers car?  Seems like finding a non matching numbers car would be cheaper. 

As to building a Cleveland engine, it really isn't much more expensive than building a windsor and the rods and crank in a cleveland are good for 7000 rpm without upgrading.  The block is stiffer as well.

Get a set of 4V heads (Closed Chamber if you can find them, Open chambers are fine though)  Build them with one piece stainless valves with a decent 3 angle valve job.  Put a good camshaft in it (don't waste the money on a roller, a good solid is much more fun) add a intake matched to the heads and a good set of hooker headers  you'll have no problem putting out 375 horsepower with nothing trick at all.

Keep what you pull off and clean it up and if you decide to sell the car, you can either include the parts, or return the car to its original condition.


--- Quote from: ol dirty doug on December 07, 2009, 11:09:45 PM ---you can do alot with that engine but it is expensive, i would build a windsor stroker.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I have never been enthralled with the myth that the Clevo was a better engine, especially since the Windsor upgrades are so plentiful over the Clevo. 

Hi all, I have a matching numbers `73 Mach1 and there is no way I'd be modifying the engine. would it not be better to just throw a crate motor in there and save all the hassles?? by the time you buy all the bits and pieces you hae spent thousands anyway. Regards to all and Happy Xmas from down Under. ;D


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