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1971 mach 1 engine question ???

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Thx for the input !

Not so much that I want to get rid of it..... I planned on keeping the Clevo, restoring it and crating it to keep it matching and neat. Then get another engine to have fun with  ;), that could cruise well 'cause there would be some highway miles involved (I want to actually drive the thing, why a 5 speed interested me); good start AND cruise !?

But I guess you're covering my doubts about how solid the Clevo block is! I wasn't too sure about which direction I could go with it. I intend on having a good overall performance on the starting grid, yet not crap my shorts everytime I see an on-ramp because of fuel.....

And also, what are your thoughts on carburators? I've heard 2 sides to the story about wether or not to switch to a fuel injection ?? I'm all about keeping it as stock as possible but if these swaps are worth it and don't mess the integrity of the car, well.... you know ?!

Thx again

Keep the carburetor.


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