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I think I stumbled on a gold mine.  It's, so when these cars roll over, you can keep up with the latest ones advertised.  The various year model sections have several pages devoted to just Mustangs for sale on Ebay, then several pages devoted to Shongaloo, then several pages devoted to, etc.   Thierry also has several pages of Mustangs and other cars for sale on the right hand side of this page. For instance, if you are looking for a classic Mustang, you can search here:

 Thanks to Soaring for pointing out this gold mine. The search engine used by AOL Autos is now including the ads from our classifieds section. When you are advertising your Mustang for sale with us, your ad will also be automatically posted in major used car portals such as: AOL Autos,,,, and many more.
 In order to place your ad you will need to create an account in our classifieds section. With this account you will be able to post unlimited ads for free with up to 10 photos for each of them.
 Our Mustangs for sale on
 Our Mustang classifieds section

WOW! Thierry, That is fantastic.  We have our own little sell your Mustang worldwide section right cheer.   ;D

 Yep! just like thousands of other websites  :D

I went to the site and cant find where to go to place a mustang for sale ad.  Can you advise me?  IF so please email me directly at
jerry whitfield


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