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Great source for finding classic Mustangs for sale

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We have a for sale section on this site, but the site you are looking at is only for sale cars. 

Yes, Aol Autos is automatically collecting ads from various websites and there was a bug with our data feed but it has been fixed and ads from our classifieds section are now displayed on AOL again.
Thanks for reporting the bug Jerrybev  ;)

independent body shops are another source. Many of them actually have classic cars sitting in the corner due to the owner running out of cash in the middle of a cosmetic restoration.

Z. Ray

Now, that would be a great source if only there was only a central reporting agency for just those types of old Mustangs.  I would imagine the independent body shop would be happy just to get their investment in parts, paint and labor back. 

Independant shops can have interesting Mustangs for sale but the source Soaring gave us is listing cars from various websites including many shops. It's still the greatest source to find a classic  ;)


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