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1966 mustang sprint original car

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1966 mustang, 6 cylinder sprint 200 original car with manual transmission which is a  winning gas mizer combination.  This car is original except for new radiator, tires, upper ball joints, brakes, and battery.  It is factory equipped with desirable options: console, sport wire wheelcovers with spinners, working AM radio, bumper guards, backup lights, and original 1966 mustang floor mats which are a rare find. 58568 correct miles, have many receipts, records, including the original registration papers dated November, 1966.  One family owned it from 1966-2006.  Vin # 6F07T703724, data trim plate:  65A  T  25  06G  22  3  1   
Engine tag shows date code, block tag shows build date of engine 6/17/66, the numbers match on the head and intake manifold.  It still has the special Sprint chrome air cleaner marked with a Mustang Powered Spring 200 decal.   This 1966 mustang is as close to an original car as you are likely to find.  The Sprint was a one year only special edition mustang.  Exterior is red, interior is red. $10,500.  336-765-8312, North Carolina. email for pictures:   delivery available world wide.
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Nice looking Sprint, and a fair description.  Ford was running out of 289's rapidly in late 65 and early 66 so created the Sprint to coerce potential buyers into buying the 6 cylinder version because they had to get rid of some 6 cylinder engines, and this would help ease up the desire for the 289's.  Ford later caught up with the production of the 289's and that is the reason for the one year offer of the Sprint. 

i just wanted to say thanks to all for the help with my sons Mustang...we just got it back from the shop, and the front end is repaired..i have purchased both the Monte Carlo Bar and the Export Brace to install..i really appreciate all the assistance...and so does my THANKS all!!

natalie martinez:
The supports I think you are talking about are called a monte carlo bar and an export brace. The export brace is a solid heavy peice that goes between the firewall and the shock towers. It replaces the small stamped metal ones that came stock with the car. They run about $40 and are simply a bolt in unit. I had to redrill mine to line up with the bolt holes at the firewall (the spaceing between the bolts was off not the positioning). Don't drill your car to make it fit! The monte carlo bar goes just in front of each shock tower and braces them from leaning in toward each other. On this one it is best to move the shock towers apart to get the bar in rather than cutting the bar to fit. The towers do often lean in more than they should. These bars cost like $20. Together these give a triangle support to stiffen the unibody in the front end.

I found a 1966 Mustang Sprint where I live. It is a one owner car and has been sitting outside for about 2 years. The lady bought it new for her daughter and has all the paper work. She advertised it for 5000.00. I went to look at it and interior and body was nice, origional spoke rims rusted, would turn over but wouldn't crank. automatic. I told her I would buy it but then she backed out and decided not to sell it. Its still sitting out in her driveway uncovered in the weather. Its a shame to see it continue to go down in condition.


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