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1965 Fastback - WAY TOO COOL!

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You won't want to pass this one up.  Its what we've all dreamed about... our nightmares. :o

LMAO OH! Man I want one...lmao  Hmm or maybe I should just change mine. Just think  I would never have to worry again about winter driving...hehehe  :o  :-\  :'(  IT EVEN HAS A SUN ROOF OH BOY.... hehe

For your viewing pleasure  :o  :o  On the other side at least someone had a vision and a dream which isn't necessarily  bad  but not my cup of tea.  Dreams are good just some are implemented better than others.  Now this is a prime candidate for a resto if the price is right.

Talking about redneck!  About the only Mustang parts worth saving is the roof, and I'm not even sure about that.  That hood may also be saved too.   My God!  What an abomination. 

Gotta love those fender flares.  ::) A 4X4 fastback. Would hate to see the inside. Kinda wants to make a grown man cry.  :'(


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