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1965 Fastback - WAY TOO COOL!

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Hey 65springtime,  Coupes are nothing to sneeze at either, Helping my  brother In-law work on his 65 coupe when I was a teenager is what got me into Mustangs,  Love them all!!! :D

No, I really love my coupe. Glen (AKA Soaring) and I use to talk and he would tell me that I must be his missing brother because we both had a 65 Springtime Yellow Mustangs, three speed on the floor, 289 engine and both were born in 1943. He seemed like such a wonderful guy. Did not really know him that long but he was always there to help if he could. I do miss him on here. It was just a shock to us all when we found out he had died. I still find it had to believe his wife wanted to sell his beloved Mustang before he was in the ground. I guess she had her reason. Anyway, I got off the subject. I am good at that.   ::) I just reallly loved the Fastbacks since I first saw "Bullit". Steve McQueen was a great actor.

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet Glen, Sounds like a really cool guy. It's guys like him that keep this hobby not only alive and well but FUN AND not to mention gaining a good friend. I hope his mustang went to a good home. It's cool that you guys keep his picture up on the forum. He won't be forgotten.


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