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Restoration of my 86 GT

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Thanks Thierry.  I'll try to make you proud.


Please understand it's a slow going process.  Currently the car is parked in a garage about an hour from where I live.  So we can only work on it on the weekends.  Here are the pics of what it looked like when we got it.

My plan is to change the doors to temporary convertible doors (the mirrors aren't the same), change out the hatch, get another spoiler, and all the trim that is grey do it in black.  We go work on it again tomorrow and I'll have more pics of what's going on and what's been able to get done.


Day didn't start very good, we wanted to get up early so we could leave the house early to get to the car and start working on it.  That didn't happen, we couldn't get to sleep last night until about 2 am.  So we were kinda dragging a$$ this morning.

We finally got up there and actually got quite a bit done.  I changed out the busted cowl cover, installed the other door(installed DS last time, but it wasn't aligned yet), switched out the door locks, cleaned out all the trash and rats' nests, he fixed the DS tail light lense, and he put the motor back together.

We took a new battery up there, replaced the positive cable (still need to get a terminal for the neg. side).  He wanted to see if the motor would turn over.  It seems the car has been just sitting since our friends bought it in 2006, and before that it was just sitting for who knows how long.  Well guess what.....

The only bad news is it's needs a fuel pump (it wasn't kicking on at all), they were having to spray it with ether.  But that's not really a big deal cuz the tank is pretty much empty so it won't be too heavy when we drop it to replace the pump and lines.  Hopefully next checkin will be a video of a constant run.

Make sure to let me know what you think.  Any & all comments are welcomed.

Does no one like my project car or the pics I posted up?  ???

70 views in 2 days, I think some people are interested in your pics  :)
 I can't say the pictures are from a nice car but following the transformation of this car is certainly one of the most interesting topics we had here.

Oh it's definately not a "nice" car yet but it will be when it's done.  I just thought it would be cool to document it kinda.  I think it's the coolest thing seeing a car go from nothing to something awesome.  He did that with his 84 GT.  To give you an idea, this is what his 84 looked like when we got it.  I hated that car at first and called it the "bleeding banana".

This is what it looked like when we got done with it.

We definately were not expecting the trophy, but it was a nice "pat on the back" for all the work he put into it.


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