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qtr mile dyno run



This was taken in 2008,Test and tune, 13.42 seconds in qtr. First "pass"  on a Mustang Dyno. Weight was programed in at 3000 lbs. 300 horses.  Once my 363 is broke in, I'll test and tune again should be right around 500 horses.

im still trying to figure out how to post pictures lol

Hit the reply button, then look at the bottom for "Additional options."  Then scroll down to " Attach" and attach your picture URL to there.  If you have the pics on a digital camera, hit the "browse" button and click on the picture you want displayed.  You will also notice you can display multiple pics.  Let's see what that bad boy looks like.  Oh, and get a decent camera, or put your glasses on if you have a focus capability.  That blurry pic makes my right eye hurt.   ;D

Hey soaring,  what blurry pic you are talking about?  The video above will get clear once you play it. Thanks Ill try posting pics your way next time.

We got a clear pic of your engine already. 


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