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Finally took my car to the pain shop yesterday. Its leaving for media blasting tomorrow and then it comes back for body work and paint. I have a bunch of pictures but i seem to have lost my camera cable so i will upload them as soon as i find a way too ;D I chose light pewter metallic as the color with all of the normal black decals/ally stripes etc. I should be getting her back early-mid April, i can't wait.

A USB cable  costs about 2 dollars?   ;D  Sure would like to see some pics bud.  Here's my Mach after I picked it up today from the body shop.   We have some light rain coming down, so that's what the water is from.  My old lady crunched both the rear quarter panels, and now "Big Red" is back to factory specs.   This guy did a super job with a very difficult repair, don't ya' think? 

Yeah but so far I've had some trouble tracking one down. They want me to buy the whole damn camera again. Wow they did turn out good, looks like
nothing ever happened ;D

If you can't find a cable just get a card reader they are handy and you don't need to use your camera battery to upload your pic's to your computer.

Yup, picked one up tonight and it works way better and its way easier, thanks.


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