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Joe AZ 2 PA:

--- Quote from: Jeff73Mach1 on May 20, 2011, 03:33:48 PM ---Sorry to hear it pard.  Been wondering what happened to you and your project.  One problem you may run into is a shop being unwilling to shoot over the prior shops priming job.

--- End quote ---

Good point. Most shops will start with bare metal because they have to stand behind their work. The one mine is at wouldn't do it any other way. One of the reasons I picked him. . .  8)

Well guys just a small update. Will be bringing the car home this Friday. It is still primed, but the body work is finished. Have not worked on the car at all in close to a year due to life...things...haha. Anyway I will be focusing on firing the engine, swapping in the 9", and getting her driving. From there I will try and find a new paint shop. It will now be a much slower pace than originally started as my career is starting to begin so I will have less time to devote to the car. I am just glad that the car will be moving forward again after all of this time! Anyway that's it for now, and I will try and keep you guys up to date as much as possible from now on.

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Good news. Thanks for the update.

I've been off line for life reasons. Our redo is moving slowly but we're shooting for this summer. . . .  8)


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