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The engine compartment and radiator support black paint is too glossy. Outside of that, it's easier to make a clean car dirty than a dirty car clean.

I dread the annual engine compartment cleaning.  Trust me, what Jim said is very true.  I don't take the engine out, but the compartment cleaning would be much easier if I did.  I can't wash my 03 Mach 1 engine compartment for fear of burning/shorting out one or more coils, but I wash the shit out of the 289.  I use a degreaser followed by a good brushing of Dawn dish soap/water mixture then a pressure sprayer.  It's work, but the old 289 stays clean for most of the year. 

Well that is one of the reasons why i chose this paint, its super easy to clean. Dust and dirt won't stick to it. It just wipes off with a dry rag, as for the cleaning of the motor and stuff, i am already preparing for that as that is as much work as restoring the car haha.

Not quite as much work, but if given a yearly cleaning it is much easier than waiting until it looks like the original post picture of your engine bay.  The black color you chose may be a tad too slick looking, but if it pleases you, then why not?  I'm still waiting for a Utube of that engine running.   ;D

Yeah i can't wait to fire her up! Once the body work is finished and the wiring is all finished ill post a video of it running. She's getting there.


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