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My first V8 Mustang project


So it's time for me to move up to some serious power. 300+ HP V6 mustangs were fun but I've tapped out of those. I just picked up a 93 GT with a 306 already slapped in her. Quite a bit of work ahead of me but it will all be worth it. I've never attempted a build with a car in this bad of shape but it ought to be fun. It came to me with a t-5 that rarely wants to catch 2nd gear and I believe its a bushing issue although I've never messed with a tremec so I'd like anyones input on that. Rusted floor boards are needing to be replaced and I'd like to weld in some subframe connectors so I'd like some input on what works best for fox bodies. I'm redoing the suspension and will be going with a tubular K member. I'm thinking either upr's full kit (depending on funding) or the Maximum Motorsports full kit (again depending on funding). I will be doing a 5 lug conversion but want to increase track width as well. The interior is and will remain gutted. As far as chassis goes, It will have a 10 or 12 point cage that will connect to the top of the torque box, two places along both of the sub frames and to the k-member as well. I know I'm over building it for what I want it for but if I build it right this time around, when I get bored with the small block, It will be able to handle the 460 swap that I have planned years down the road.

My biggest issue is just getting power to the ECM so I can make it run again. The guy I got it from removed all the interior harness but left the harness going from the engine to the ECM. From going over wire schematics, I believe its simply getting power to the big red wire. Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading and any help ya'll can throw my way.


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