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my 68 mustang

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I wrecked it about a month and a half ago the brakes went out on a dead end road.....good thing i wasnt goin to fast....

How bad did it tear up the car? 

i hit a tree goin down a dead end road going about thirty it hit the passenger side and smashed the fender and front bumper and valence. the frame was fine it was just cosmetic, i just have to replace what was broken. it didnt hurt me physically but as you can imagine i was very unhappy with myself at not checking the fluids before i drove it.  Its all live and learn and its better i hit it going thirty instead of sixty down a country road...

dam by the way around how much does it cost to restore a car?

it depends on how far you want to go, and how much needs to be replaced/fixed. it also depends on if you're doing a restoration or a resto-mod so it can vary a lot.


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