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Me and my girl friends 1968 mustang restor project log (pics inside)

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We got this car in june 2010 for a pretty good deal $2300.00.I got hurt in the garage a day after that put me in the hospital for 3 months and had to learn how to walk all over again.I'am walking abit with ancle braces and still use my wheelchair in the house.Ohwell back to the car its got a 289 with a c4 trans.I have been slowly tering it apart and welding new torque boxes and both front floor pans.the rust didnt go past the front seat area and the trunk floor is mint.The hood has abit of rust and the driver side door bottom.I rebuilt the trans and the 289 already.I rebuilt the front suspension on the driver side and havent done the passanger side yet.

wow there's some determination, working on it from a wheelchair. Must be nice to be working on it with your girl. Sure seems to be coming along quickly. Do you have a lot of time to work on it or something?

No i dont work on to much maybe  20-40 hours a month.Iam a red seal mechanic and did about 3 years in a body shop.Welding in a wheel chair sucks big time! you cant get around to much and the dam front wheels are small and stops me dead when i run over the extension cord lol.

Did you personally rebuild the C4? my understanding is that automatic trannys are not easy for most people to do anything with. You must be quite a mechanic to do all that.
Must be frustrating as hell to be in a wheel chair!
I notice you're from edmonton. Compared to some people on this forum, you're not even horribly far away. I live in the Vancouver area and I'm working the fort nelson area at the moment, so way north.

I can walk in short distances and i rebuilt the c4 while sitting on a chair and the trans was on the bench.I can stand up by myself for a couple minites then the bottom of my heels start to hurt.My nerves in my legs are geting better now so walking is alot faster and easier to do.Ya your not to far away from me.I had a job at suncor as a heavy duty mechanic on there equipment and it was a tough job in most cases,i almost had to use my crane on the truck every time i did a big job.Rebuilding the trans was the easy part theres a ton of info on the net if you get stuck or for get something.


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