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hi i am new and i am super happy cause i am workin on my first mustang

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hello i live in san diego and i am workin on my first 1965 mustang coupe. i have question and hopefully  somebody can help.I rebuilt my 289 engine and i was wonderin what else i can do to it with a budget in mind.I got a four barreel carb with a intake manifold kit and what do u sugest ia can do to it

Hello Hector, and welcome to the site.  As I understand it, you have a 65 289 4V.  So, what are your questions? 

what can i do to make the car go faster without changin that engine

Welcome to the site. Good to see another California member. There are tons of things you can do as far as engine mods. Bigger cam, headers, electronic ignition, aluminum intake/heads, bigger carb etc.

Welcome from Northern California. As Tim mentioned there is a lot of things you can do to make any car go faster. I would be more concerned about making it stop first - as in brakes, suspension, tires. Remember, "Speed cost money - how fast can you afford to go"?


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