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hi i am new and i am super happy cause i am workin on my first mustang

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I totally agree. What's the point of having all the power if you can't stop or handle it ;D

Plus the body can't handle much more power than what it came with from the factory.  Work on making the frame more worthy for more power like installing sub frame connectors and such before adding more power than the body can handle. 

first of all i want to thank all u who responded i am glad i can get help from people that know what there talkin about. the first thing i did was change the front brakes to disks and i got that suspension kit so ive replaced all the suspension so i think im in the right direction so what will changin the eletric ignition do for me

The electronic ignition will do several things. The most important is that you can gap your plugs more for a bigger spark for more power. It also eliminates the points system which is a major pain in the ass.

Get a Pertronix I and the Pertronix coil.  That combination fixed a multitude of minor problems on my 66 "A" code hardtop. The Pertronx II is waste of money unless you are a full time racer and have a lot of bucks to use up. 


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