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hi i am new and i am super happy cause i am workin on my first mustang

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so i found out that i have a c4 auto the guy thatsold the mustang to me said he rebuilt the tranny and had a bnm shift kit. dont know what tha is but he says it is a little upgrade. apreciate the help

That is one tough transmission.  Keep it.  Look into getting some gears for the rear end.  You most likely have an 8" pumpkin, but the PO may have put in a 9".  Get back with us if you don't know the difference. 

your right i dont know what that means but im sure i can learn

Does the rear end housing have a "hump" on the back for it? If it does than it is a 9". Also if you can put a socket on the two bottom bolts of the differential than its an 8" because if it is a 9" you cannot put a socket on it, you have to use a wrench.

Yeah, the 8" is round.  The 9" has a protruding "hump" on the back of it.  Most likely yours is an 8" like mine.  They are tough differentials and can take a lot of abuse.  When you find a nickel in a pig track, take the car to a differential shop and have them install a 3:55 gear.  You will notice a big difference in your launch after that.  Right now, you most likely have the 2:78 gears.  Those are great for everyday use, to include highway driving, but lack in performance from light to light.  Don't try to install the gear yourself.  It's just too complicated. 


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