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hi i am new and i am super happy cause i am workin on my first mustang

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Before you add any power to the engine, replace the rear gears. Step up to either 355's or 373's.  What transmission do you have?

okay i will look in to the petronix 1 and petronix coil and as far as my transmission i really dont know the guy that sold me the car said that he had just replaced it. how do i find out what kind of tranny it is. thanks

Well first is it an automatic? If it is then its a c4 (most likely).

If it is an automatic, look at the pan.  If the pan is square, it's a C-4.  If the pan looks like the state of Utah, then it is a C-6.  If it is a manual tranny, then it will be obvious.  If it only has 3 forward speeds, then it is a 3 speed manual.  If it has four, then it is a four speed manual.  If it has 5 speeds then the previous owner had to do some serious alterations to get it in there, and that would be an AOD (overdrive)  most likely.  Let us know what you have so we can help you further. 

Yeah i didn't mention the AOD or T5 conversions because i assumed it was stock but i probably should have ;D


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