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have a new toy ...o and we're back finally

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it's a 67 coupe all #'s matching 6 cycl. 3 speed manual.

pics are posted on photobucket now. i have alot more parts than the pics show, ALOT MORE !

It looks like a nice hood :) How is the rest of the car? What are the plans for her?
It might sound stupid but I am much more interested in project cars than show cars.

stay all orig. for now (atleast till the engine gives out). the rest of the car just needs floors and 1/4s.

once the enigine goes then i'll shove a SB roller engine in it with a c4 and call it good

Here's a link to the rest of the pics of the car.  I think the only he's going to change while he's putting it together is the paint and the interior.

It will need a lot of work but the rust doesn't seem too bad. Was there a fire in the trunk area?
It looks like you will have fun restoring it.


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