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have a new toy ...o and we're back finally

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well i figured i'd post a teaser pic of what tracy (bossnutt)got me

Welcome back.  So, the boss got you a turn signal hood, huh?

LMAO that's not all........i've got the rest to go with it

 Glad to see you back Xnutt and Bossnutt. For a first post after all that time it's a bad tease to only show a hood from your new Mustang.
 Is it a 68? Hurry up and show us the rest of the car.   :D

Thanks for the return welcome.  That's his pride and joy now.  Yep, I bought him a hood and told him he had to find the rest of it. 

J/K he has the whole car in the building so she doesn't get anymore weather than she already has had.


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