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1973 mach 1 mustang


This is my 1973 mach 1 that my dad and I are rebuilding.
When we got it, it had a 302 in it with a bad knock so we got a 73' 351C. We traded the 302 and transmission to a friend for a different transmission.  We got all new brakes. and we are currently working on body work and suspension.

heres what it looked like when we got it

heres the old 302

new 351C when we got it

new accessories and paint

FMX transmission

engine bay

old radiator

new aluminum radiator

new brakes

old floors

new floors

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Good project car. Don't you just love it when the parts are being put on instead of being taken out. Looking good. . . . .  8)

yeah it's far more rewarding when you put in parts rather than ripping them out


A little update on my mustang, after a winter of doing virtually nothing to it I found this video from last summer and it got me itching to work on it again.

you may not hear it too well because the exhaust pitch is very low, it didnt sound like anything on my laptop speakers.

Joe AZ 2 PA:
That's typ. back here for winter projects unless you have a nice, dry, and heated garage. . . . . Let's all get back into our grooves and get-r-done. . . . .  8) Or at least a little bit closer. . . .  ::)


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