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WTB 96-98 4V Cobra B heads

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Cobra GT:
I am looking for a set of 96-98 Cobra B heads complete w/ valves, springs, retainers, seals and keepers, if Mark VIII heads what year. Also I am looking for a set of IMRC delete plates, billet not OEM modified w/ epoxy. I will take the cams if the heads are complete but dont need them and preferably not ported heads. Thanks in advance for the reply.

Check with Ebay.  Is this close to what you are looking for?

Cobra GT:
no sorry i am looking mod motor heads

Then look into AFR heads. 

Cobra GT:
You must be confused i am looking for a set of stock 96-98 cobra heads, this is a 4V DOHC head, not a push rod motor set of heads


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