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looking for headers


I have an 03 gt, and lookin for a nice set of long tubes.  No specific brand, something in good shape.

I have a new set for a 289.  They will fit the 302 and possibly the 351.  I got these from JC Whitney for $149.99.  Will let them go for $100 plus frt.

Hey Champion.  We need to get together.  You are one of about 6 Texas Mustangers on this forum.   Would you attend a bbq at my house in Wimberley in July?  Long tubes are available from most Mustang supply houses.  The problem with long tubes is that they hang low, so  all those speed bumps will scrape them right off.  The shorties are the way to go unless you are a racer. 

July sounds good. Let me know the petuculars at a closer time.  I have them forsale.  I tried to use them and one side fit my engine but the other side hit the bell housing.  They might work great on something newer.  Tom


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