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Autolite 4100 ***SOLD*****


Autolite 4100 ******SOLD******

I bought this carburetor about 5 years ago at a swap meet. Then had it rebuilt by Pony Carbs

The tag number is C5AF F C5CA
with 1:12 Venturi
 The date on the bottom says 3/18/64
 I had this on my Mustang, 302 with a 5 speed. I had a little bit of trouble with the choke it would stick from time to time.
And, driving around town it would run rough don't know if it was bad gas or just bad tuning. On the highway she ran great.
I think it sat more than it ran. My theory is way it was rough, Or maybe it was just not the right carb. for my setup.

$250.00 + shipping OBRO.   ********O.K. Dropping the price: $175.00 *********  SOLD************

PM me here or email: If you have any questions or are interested. I'm just outside Atlanta Georgia.

Thanks for looking.


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